*** It seems like Joris closed its doors a couple of weeks ago. 🙁 (VeganBerlin, Sept. 2018) ***

Joris is a breakfast and lunch restaurant in Berlin Mitte specialised in baked potato dishes and salads.


  • Address: Brunnenstraße 158, 10115 Berlin
    District: Mitte

  • Transport: U8 Rosenthaler Straße or Bernauer Straße

  • Opening Hours:
    Mon – Fri: 9am – 4pm
  • Menu: vegetarian, vegan, omni
  • Serves: Baked potatoes, salads

  • Prices: €€ (mains: 5€ – 7,50€)

  • Free Wi-Fi: no

  • Contact: Website

Located between Weinbergspark and Bernauer Straße, Joris has become a popular lunch spot for workers of the area. They have been around for a couple of years in Berlin and also opened a restaurant in Hamburg a while back.

The concept of Joris is quite simple – Create your own dish from the variety of ingredients.

As a base, you can choose between a baked potato and a sweet potato (plus 1€). You then select your toppings from about 20 vegan choices: brussels sprouts, broccoli, beetroot, artichoke, mushrooms, beans, chickpeas, olives, pasta, etc.

As the regular potato comes with cheese and herb quark, for the vegan version you are allowed to select one extra topping.

Once your selected vegetables or pasta were added, your potato will be topped off with a dressing and herbs. Once finished, you can also take bread – pretty much as much as you like.

Appetizers - vegan fried avocados and vegetarian asparagus saladJoris sweet potato

Besides the cold ones, there are always 3 or 4 hot toppings such as chili on the menu which you can select instead of the veggies. However, there is rarely a vegan option among the choices.

Besides potatoes, you can also ask for the daily soup or create your own salad from the various ingredients. Prices are tiered depending on the number of ingredients or toppings you want.

All dishes are also available as menu options together with a drink or a juice.

Even though there are no specifically “vegan”-labeled meals on the menu, it is very easy to veganise most dishes. The team behind the counter is usually very helpful and open to your individual wishes.

For the huge size of the portions, prices are extremely low – for a baked vegan potato with 4 fresh toppings, you’ll pay 6€. Seems very fair.

If the weather allows it, you can sit outside (there are about 30 seats). Inside, there is enough space for 30 to 40 people.

Make sure to get here during the week – they are not open during the weekend and close as early as 4pm.

We recommend a baked sweet potato with the toppings of your choice.

We visited “Joris” in August 2017.

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Food Quality & Taste
Friendliness & Service

Brunnenstraße 158
10115 Berlin

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