Delabuu is a cold plate ice cream store in Friedrichshain serving vegan rolled ice cream with numerous plant-based toppings and ingredients.

Delabuu - rolled ice cream Berlin


  • Address: Krossener Str. 15-18, 10245 Berlin
    District: Friedrichshain

  • Transport: U5 Samariterstraße; S-/U-Warschauer Straße

  • Opening Hours:
    Mon: closed
    Tue – Thu: 1 pm – 9 pm
    Fri: 1 pm – 11 pm
    Sat: 12 – 11 pm
    Sun: 12 – 10 pm
  • Menu: vegan, vegetarian

  • Serves: cold stone ice cream with sauces, toppings, fruit and sweets; waffles

  • Prices: €€ (from 3,60 €)

  • Free Wi-Fi: yes

  • Contact: Facebook

Started out as a market stand on various weekly and food markets, Delabuu quickly became an insider tip – not only for vegans but all ice-cream lovers looking for a new experience. Therefore it was only logical to go the next step. And so, in January 2018, the physical store in crowded Krossener Straße in Friedrichshain opened. The location near Boxhagener Platz is a smart choice, not only attracting a hip Berlin crowd but especially tourists wandering around between Simon-Dach-Strasse and 1990 Vegan Living, another popular spot.

Unlike regular ice cream shops, Delabuu serves hand-rolled ice cream made with the help of a cold-stone plate. Originally from Thailand (or so it is said), rolled ice cream is a quite new trend with stores popping up in most major cities in Europe.


  1. Fill out your order form (pick your favourite ingedients & toppings)
  2. Return the form & pay
  3. Watch the ice cream being made (it’s fascinating)
  4. Enjoy!

The process of “making the ice cream” revolves around a liquid ice cream base being cooled down quickly on cold-stone plates. During that process, different ingredients such as sauces, sweets, fruits or chocolate bars are added, creating a unique ice cream substance. The ice cream is then rolled up into 3 to 4 rolls which are then placed in a cup and sprinkled with your favourite toppings (e.g. coconut flakes or chocolate sprinkles).

Great news for all vegans – the ice cream base, that is used by Delabuu, is entirely plant-based. And although the majority of toppings and ingredients on the order form is non-vegan, there are still 15-20 plant-based options left, ready to be turned into some delicious ice cream rolls.

We love mixing everything raspberry with chocolate, but also peanut butter and banana is always a go-to option. Besides their ice cream options, Delabuu has just introduced waffles – to also attract customers during the colder winter days.

The store itself offers about 20 seats inside. In summer it is also possible to sit outside.

We recommend to try your favourite ingredients (but would definitely go for raspberry sauce mixed with vegan Nutella and Vego again)

We visited “Delabuu” in September 2018.

Interior & Atmosphere
Food Quality & Taste
Friendliness & Service

Delabuu Ice Cream
Krossener Str. 15-18
10245 Berlin

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