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VeganHamburg is our guide to vegan restaurants and cafés in Hamburg.

As it can also be difficult to find something suitable to eat in Hamburg, we want to help with recommendations and tips for Germany’s second largest city as well.

At the moment you can find ‘VeganHamburg’ on Instagram. Have a look and let us know of any secret vegan-friendly spots you know in Hamburg (email: info@veganberlin.com).

Here a short list of recommendations:

  • Happenpappen (100% vegan, breakfast, lunch, dinner; burgers, sandwiches, pancakes)
  • In guter Gesellschaft (vegetarian zero-waste café, breakfast, lunch dishes, sandwiches, cake)
  • Froindlichst (100% vegan; Sunday brunch; burgers, pizza, bowls)
  • Grilly Idol (Burger place with a couple of great vegan options)
  • Kraweel (Cozy café with vegan options – cake, sandwiches, chili)
  • Limu (vegetarian coffee place; homemade cake, cookies, sandwiches, bowls, wraps)
  • Golden Temple Teehaus (100% vegan café; weekend brunch, cakes, curries, lunch specials)
  • Koppel (coffee place; vegan breakfast and lunch options)
  • Luicella’s Ice Cream (Homemade ice cream; 2 locations; half of the varieties are vegan)
  • Kaffeeklappe (coffee shop/restaurant with vegan cakes and lunch specials)
  • Turtur (Beautiful pizza place with lots of vegan options; only open in summer)
  • Café Nasch (100% vegan coffee shop; breakfast and lunch options, cakes and cookies)
  • Eisbande (Ice cream shop with lots of vegan varieties such as ‘Snickers’)
  • Liberty Ice Cream (100% vegan ice cream and coffee shop; cakes, soup, and ice cream dishes)
  • Mamalicious (All-vegetarian American diner; vegan pancakes, sandwiches, bagels, salads, burgers)
  • moki’s goodies (Stylish café; vegan bowls, breakfast options and some cake)
  • Vincent Vegan (100% vegan fast food restaurant and food truck; burgers, fries, currywurst)

Enjoy your time in Hamburg!

Your VeganBerlin-Team