How suitable is Berlin for a gluten-free diet? Are there gluten-free restaurants in Berlin?

Berlin offers a wide range of food locations suitable for a gluten-free diet, allergies or other dietary restrictions. Besides most (vegan-friendly) cafés and restaurants offering gluten-free and raw options such as cakes, quiche or snacks, there are locations entirely gluten-free. Besides a lot of Asian cuisine in Berlin being free of gluten, the Glutanada restaurant in Kreuzberg offers a 100% gluten-free menu and specializes in food allergies and intolerances.

You can check out for individual reviews and more info about gluten-free locations.

Is Berlin suitable for a raw diet?

There are a number of restaurants and cafés in Berlin suitable for a raw diet. Foremost there is the all raw and vegan restaurant ‘Rawtastic’. There is also the Glutanada, a restaurant specialised in allergies and dietary restrictions.
By now, also most cafés offer raw options such as energy balls. Maybe our list of the 11 best vegan cafés in Berlin helps – there are a couple of remarks about raw options.

How many vegans and vegetarians are there in Berlin and Germany?

According to Vebu about 10% of the 82 million inhabitants of Germany are vegetarians. According to surveys about 1.3 million Germans follow a plant-based diet, a number reflecting about 1.6% of the entire population.

Due to the benefits for health, animals and the environment a vegan diet will most likely become more and more popular throughout the following years.

What do you (VeganBerlin) consider vegan-friendly?

As it can be difficult or sometimes boring only having a small variety of dishes to choose from in a café or restaurant, we consider vegan-friendly every location that offers a number of vegan choices. We don’t consider a burger joint vegan-friendly if the only dish suitable for vegans are fries. Same for pizza without cheese or a salad without dressing.

There is no strict regulation here, however we like locations offering at least two or three different vegan options for adding them to our site and map.

Why is this page in English?

Our primary focus lies in providing information to as many people as possible.

When VeganBerlin was started we could not find any English-speaking vegan guides. Therefore, the page was set up in English. We are working on translating the page into German. In the meantime check out ‘Berlin-Vegan’ for German reviews and a map.


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